Therapeutic Target Profiling

CytoFind™ allows therapeutic targets to be visualized in rare cells. Our technology is capable of elucidating real-time information on the status of a tumor or diseased tissue and the potential for response to targeted therapy.

Immune Cell Profiling And Isolation

Immune cells present in circulation or the tumor microenvironment can be profiled and isolated base on any marker of interest. Subpopulations with specific levels of a target marker (e.g. PD-1, 4-1BB, etc) can be isolated and expanded.

Cell Recovery

CytoFindTM is an efficient cell selection and preparation system that has all the features of our powerful rare cell identification technology with the benefit of easy viable cell recovery. This system solves the difficult problems of TIL selection for cancer treatments or the elimination of undifferentiated cells from iPSC maturation systems used in regenerative medicine grafts

Custom Assays & Discovery Tools

CytoFind™ is a versatile and modular platform that can be used to develop custom assays or rare cell profiling methods. A wide variety of assays are under development for therapeutic target discovery and the elucidation of disease biology.

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