Dr. Brent Zanke

CEO and Cofounder

Dr. Brent Zanke is an expert on matters of biomarkers, molecular pathology, innovation policy, and health-care delivery systems. He is a graduate of the Universities of Manitoba (MD, 1983) and Toronto (PhD, 1993) and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada with speciality in internal medicine and medical oncology. Passionate about business and innovation, Brent Zanke has initiated, led, and secured funding for three life sciences start-up companies. As the founder and Director of Arctic Medical Laboratories (CLIA, CAP, CLEP, FDA), he also understands the path to reimbursement of molecular diagnostics and devices.

Dr. Shana Kelley

CSO and Cofounder

Dr. Shana Kelley is a professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine at the University of Toronto.  She has published over 200 scientific papers cited over 15,000 times. Kelley is a recognized expert in developing and leading start-ups, turning academic research into products that are successful outside the laboratory. She has raised significant capital for her ventures and is well-acquainted with the life cycle of venture-backed startup companies in the life sciences sector.

Francesca McFadden

Manager, Commercialization 

Francesca McFadden joined Dr. Shana Kelley’s research group in 2015, working to advance the CytoFind™ technology. With a strong foundation in the biomedical sciences, Francesca has led the clinical validation of the technology and identified new applications for cancer management.

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